We believe our lives should be filled with faith, family and friends, and that the events in our lives should occur in locations and spaces we love. All of these elements woven together tell our life story, help us to feel “at home,” which at the end of a day brings us peace and harmony.   Our home should be a haven from the crazy, hectic world outside! 

We find joy in helping clients create their own unique space by guiding them through the myriad of choices of paint colors, tile and, carpet, fabrics, window coverings, space planning, furniture, lighting and much more.  All of these items layered together bring warmth and harmony to our home environment, which help tell our own personal story.

We would love to assist you in fine tuning your space into the home you dream of.   -   Jennifer Ballard Interiors                                                                    

                         Jennifer Ballard - Lead Designer

                Dee Knapp & Lisa Meeks - Design Assistant's